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A hub of powerfully useful and effective digital tools and online utilities for developers, designers, finance experts, project and product managers to make quality projects easily and quickly.

  • Gitignore

    Create .gitignore text files easily that help generate patterns for file and directory exclusions for projects using this free online tool.

  • Sorting Algorithms

    Illustrate effective data set sorting using different algorithms with this animated guide and tool.

  • Web Developer Checklist

    A checklist tool that provides a series of website launch steps, critical for a successful project including: best practices, security, tagging, analytics, and more.

  • JSON Formatter

    Format JSON code, validate it with regular expressions, and visualize the output for quick analysis and copy-pasting with this online tool.

  • HTMLShell

    Write, run, & share HTML code using HTMLShell. Our HTML Editor Online Tool allows developers start a new project with a single copy-paste.

  • CSS3Maker

    Easily generate useful snippets of CSS3 and copy them straight into your projects. You can also explore popular and trending examples made by our elite team of developers.

Professional Resources

Find job and role-based resources including job descriptions, interview questions, hiring guides and more - for engineering, design, finance, product and project management.

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