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The Future of Work Exchange - Key Providers For 2022: Toptal

Ardent Partners and Future of Work Exchange identified Toptal as a key solutions provider.

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April 12, 2024
Toptal Expands Leadership in Custom Software Development with Acquisition of
Toptal,世界上最大的全远程员工,宣布收购VironIT的资产.com and the VironIT brand, 一家专门从事定制软件解决方案和IT咨询服务的软件开发公司.
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April 07, 2024
Toptal Achieves Premier Tier Services Partner Status within the AWS Partner Network
Toptal, the world’s largest fully remote workforce, is proud to announce that it has attained the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Tier Services Partner status within the AWS Partner Network (APN). AWS Premier Tier Services Partners are organizations recognized for proven technical expertise and demonstrated customer experience.
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October 07, 2022
The Future of Work Exchange - Key Providers For 2022: Toptal
Ardent Partners and Future of Work Exchange identified Toptal as a key solutions provider.
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August 22, 2022
total In The News: CNBC Make It - 10家可以让你在任何地方工作的公司,现在正在招聘
Morgan Smith at CNBC.com的Make It分享了10家公司的名单,这些公司可以让你在任何地方工作,现在正在招聘, including Toptal.
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August 10, 2022
新闻报道:CNBC Make It——非常成功的远程自由职业者有这3个技能, says CEO: ‘You’ll be able to shine through’
Toptal CEO Taso Du Val spoke with Annika Kim Constantino at CNBC Make It about the key leadership traits individuals need to achieve success in a freelance career.
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August 09, 2022
Toptal In The News: Forbes - Returning To Offices Is Foolish Says Staffing Platform CEO
Toptal CEO Taso Du Val was interviewed by Diane Brady, Assistant Managing Editor at Forbes, while at the 2022 Collision conference. Taso discusses how companies pushing a return to office mandate is “economically foolish.”
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June 23, 2022
彭博社的Arianne Cohen报道了为什么越来越多的退休人员选择短期工作来保持他们的工作和赚钱.
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June 20, 2022
Toptal In The News: Forbes - Freelance Voices, Toptal’s Polish Freelancers Describe Freelance Life In Poland
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September 30, 2021
Toptal Achieves AWS Devops Competency
Toptal, which operates a curated network of highly-skilled freelance talent with business, design, and technology expertise that allows companies to scale their teams on demand, announced today that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps Competency status.
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September 21, 2021
Toptal, an elite network of the world’s top talent in business, design, and technology that enables companies to scale their teams on-demand, has been recognized by Ardent Partners and the Future of Work Exchange as a “Market Leader” in its 2021 Digital Staffing Marketplaces Technology Advisor report.
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October 18, 2020
Toptal, an elite network of the world’s top talent in business, design, and technology that enables companies to scale their teams on demand, has seen applications to join its global talent network increase by 55% in the first nine months of 2020 compared to the same period last year, 因为COVID-19的中断促使创纪录的人数考虑转向远程自由职业者.
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July 14, 2020
Toptal, the world’s largest fully remote company, 今天宣布了一项新的咨询服务,以帮助组织建立和维持强大的远程工作环境. Since its inception in 2010, and today with over 4,000 people working remotely, Toptal has been a fully remote company and has never operated from a physical location. The company’s Remote Work Solutions consulting practice has been created to help companies transition to lasting remote work solutions.
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May 26, 2020
Toptal Partners with Treehoppr to Facilitate Employee Engagement Across Remote Teams
Toptal is announcing a partnership with Treehoppr, 帮助企业更好地管理和吸引员工的软件产品的新兴领导者. As the world’s largest fully remote company, Toptal relies on Treehoppr’s employee-friendly HR tools, such as PTO Ninja and Referral Booster, to simplify its time-off processes and facilitate candidate referrals. While traditional HR systems are not often designed for employee utilization, Treehoppr’s Slack-based, easy to use apps were built with remote teams in mind to impact employee engagement, productivity, and retention.
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April 20, 2020
To help companies make the most of this unprecedented time, Toptal, the world’s largest fully remote company, 今天宣布推出《欧博体育app下载》, a comprehensive guide designed to help companies and employees manage working remotely.
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March 02, 2020
Toptal与Guidant Global合作,提供按需访问自由职业者精英网络
In an industry-first collaboration, Toptal has entered into a partnership with Guidant Global, a global leader in talent acquisition and managed workforce solutions. Guidant Global的客户现在可以按需访问Toptal的全球顶尖商业人才精英网络, design, and technology to meet talent needs faster while ensuring compliance.
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February 17, 2020
Erik Stettler Joins Toptal as Chief Economist
Erik Stettler joins Toptal as Chief Economist, where he will lead research on the Talent Economy and the Future of Work.
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December 01, 2019
Toptal®, an elite network of Amazon Web Services (AWS) certified experts, announced today the expansion of its AWS practice talent offerings, building on the company’s relationship with the AWS Partner Network (APN), to provide critical AWS certifications to hundreds of developers and cloud engineers.
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November 04, 2019
Toptal Launches to Drive Forward the Gig, Freelance, and Talent Economy
Toptal, an elite network of the world’s top talent in business, design, and technology, announced today the launch of Staffing.Com,以促进与提高人员配置效率的技术有关的对话, the rise of remote work, the expansion of the freelance economy, and the future of procurement and staffing at large enterprises.
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September 23, 2019
Toptal Taps Top-Tier Leadership to Help Further Drive the Talent Economy
Toptal, the elite network of on-demand talent, today announced the addition of three seasoned leaders to strengthen key corporate functions as the company continues on its hyper-growth trajectory; Christy Schumann, Vice President of Talent Operations, Mike Dowhan, Vice President of SMB, and Jodi Brooks, Vice President of Communications.
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August 12, 2019
Toptal Files Lawsuit Against Former COO, Breanden Beneschott
Toptal, LLC yesterday filed a lawsuit against former Chief Operating Officer, Breanden Beneschott, in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Fort Myers Division.
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July 24, 2019
Toptal在2019年被Ardent Partners评为“同类最佳”数字人才技术顾问
Toptal, an elite network of the world’s top talent in business, design, and technology that enables companies to scale their teams, on demand, announced today that it has been ranked as “Best-in-Class” in the 2019 Digital Staffing Technology Advisor published by Ardent Partners.
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June 23, 2019
Toptal Announces Women’s Scholarship Winners from the Americas and Europe
2018-2019年美洲和欧洲地区女性奖学金获得者为Anisah Alyahya, PhD (Europe), who is driving innovation in healthcare data for research, and Karen L. Pesse (Americas), who is developing a technology tool for direct refugee donations.
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April 15, 2019
Automation Anywhere and Toptal Bring On-Demand Automation to Global Workforces
A new strategic alliance to accelerate the creation of digital workers to augment Toptal’s network of highly-skilled human workers.
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February 06, 2019
Toptal Announces Scholarship Winners from Asia and Oceania
Toptal Scholarships for Women empowers the next generation of female CEOs, founders, and leaders to achieve their plans for changing the world by providing financial support and mentorship to five women from across the globe.
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December 04, 2018
TopTracker Releases Payment Solution for Freelancers, Allowing for Free Global Payments
TopTracker, the free time tracking tool for remote freelancers and freelance teams, has released a new global payments solution in partnership with Payoneer that allows for free payments between companies and freelancers using its platform.
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October 22, 2018
Toptal Launches Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Talent Specializations
The new service offerings will leverage Toptal’s unparalleled network of global talent to help businesses staff artificial intelligence and data science projects.
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August 26, 2018
Toptal and Tent Partner to Provide Support for Global Refugee Crisis
Toptal and Tent announce partnership to provide support for global refugee crisis. Toptal joins such companies as Starbucks, Airbnb, 微软承诺改善全球2000多万难民的生活.
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July 01, 2018
Toptal Partners With Clients to Study Talent and Technology Strategies for Hypergrowth
Toptal has found that its hypergrowth clients tend to utilize flexible, 他们的人才和技术需求的按需解决方案比其他客户群更频繁.
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April 30, 2018
Supports growing need for top-tier technology talent as education industry seeks to improve and accelerate the learning experience through technology.
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February 14, 2018
Toptal Launches Elite, On-Demand Talent Network for Blockchain Engineering
New on-demand service connects businesses to an elite, distributed network of blockchain talent that has gone through a rigorous vetting process focused on finding the highest level of blockchain engineers.
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November 15, 2017
Specialized service will connect businesses and organizations with Toptal’s private network of software professionals to meet the rising need for skilled DevOps engineers.
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September 20, 2017
The custom tailored initiative will fill the automotive industry’s extreme high-skilled talent gap by infusing it with on-demand access to software developers, data scientists, and UX/UI designers.
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March 06, 2017
Toptal Finance Powers the Future of Work to Deliver Finance Expertise On-Demand
During a two-month beta, Toptal Finance hits seven figures in revenue; grows 17 percent week-over-week
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December 28, 2016
Toptal Awards Final 2016 STEM Scholarship for Women to Giorgia Di Tommaso
The twelfth and final winner of the 2016 STEM Scholarship for Women is Giorgia Di Tommaso, a University of Rome PhD student studying Computer Science whose ambition is selfless: to build a growing community of experts and spread the culture of innovation technology.
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November 30, 2016
Toptal Awards STEM Scholarship for Women to Laura García Casadiego and Glòria Macià Muñoz
The tenth and eleventh winners of the scholarship are Laura García Casadiego, a web developer from Colombia with aspirations to become a software architect, and Glòria Masià Muñoz, 来自西班牙的生物医学工程师和研究生,立志成为医疗保健领域的创新者.
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October 26, 2016
全额STEM女性奖学金授予Oluwatoyin Yetunde Sanni和Anastasia Kuznetsova
The eighth and ninth winners of the scholarship are Oluwatoyin Yetunde Sanni, a Nigerian software developer with aspirations to become a machine learning research scientist; and Anastasia Kuznetsova, 他是一位俄罗斯的初级数据科学家,计划成为数据科学界的领导者.
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June 15, 2016
Taiwanese Developer Hsiao Wei Chen Wins Seventh Toptal Scholarship
Today, we are thrilled to announce the seventh winner of the scholarship, Hsiao Wei Chen, 她是一位台湾游戏开发者,她渴望在菲律宾和台湾建立自己的游戏开发者孵化器.
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May 29, 2016
Bolivian Developer Yasett Acurana Wins Sixth Toptal Scholarship
Today, we are thrilled to announce the sixth winner of the Toptal STEM Scholarships for Women, Yasett Gisela Acurana Flores. Yasett is a Bolivian software developer who is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Information Technology at Universidad de Chile with the goal of becoming a Professor of Computer Science.
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May 23, 2016
Toptal, the world’s leading provider of senior freelance software engineering talent, today released the findings of its annual Recent Grad Survey, which examines the behavior of 1,000 recent college grads when it comes to finding jobs. This year’s survey focused on what American grads prioritize when job hunting and what behaviors they most dislike in potential employers, as well as how they feel about the possibility of freelancing full time.
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May 16, 2016
American Developer Rachell Calhoun Wins Fifth Toptal Scholarship
Today, we are thrilled to announce the fifth winner of Toptal STEM Scholarships for Women, Rachell Calhoun. Rachell is an English teacher living in South Korea, the organizer of Django Girls Seoul, and an aspiring full-stack developer.
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April 13, 2016
American Developer Tondi Butler Wins Fourth Toptal Scholarship
Today, we’re thrilled to announce that the fourth winner of the scholarship is Tondi Butler, a Health IT Manager from Cleveland, Ohio, who is also the inspiring founder of T.E.A.M.S. Ohio, 这是一个了不起的非营利组织,旨在介绍克利夫兰/阿克伦的贫困青少年从事STEM职业.
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April 04, 2016
Toptal Acquires Business Talent Marketplace Skillbridge
Toptal today announced the acquisition of Skillbridge, an innovative platform in the on-demand business talent space, for an undisclosed sum. The combined entity will leverage Toptal’s robust technology platform to quickly expand its network of talent and scale product offerings, while maintaining the white-glove matching service and high-level of support that clients of both companies have come to rely upon.
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February 18, 2016
Argentinian Developer Gabriela Mancini Wins Third Toptal Scholarship
Today, we could not be more excited to announce that Gabriela Mancini, freelance designer and former primary school teacher from Córdoba, Argentina, is the third winner of the scholarship. Gabriela is incredibly passionate about software engineering and is developing her skills so that she can build an educational platform to help students across Argentina learn to read and write online.
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January 31, 2016
Slovenian Developer Ana Sustic Wins Second Toptal Scholarship
Today, 我们非常激动地宣布女性开发者Toptal奖学金项目的第二位获奖者, Ana Sustic from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Ana is a System Administrator and Project Manager at the Blood Transfusion Center of Slovenia and a highly motivated technologist with amazing plans to build her engineering skills and use them to improve the workflow of her colleagues.
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January 13, 2016
Toptal Launches TopTracker, a Free Time Tracking App For Freelancers
TopTracker is the first and only completely free tracking tool that helps remote teams track their time without being tied to a specific freelance marketplace. TopTracker is a standalone product and is free for all users, with a clean, 优雅的桌面和网络应用程序,帮助自由职业者和经理毫不费力地与他们的团队合作.
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December 16, 2015
Nepalese Developer Rojina Bajracharya Wins First Toptal Scholarship
Today, 我们很激动地宣布第一位女性开发者Toptal奖学金的获得者, Rojina Bajracharya. Rojina is an incredibly inspiring, motivated Python developer, entrepreneur, and mentor from Bhaktapur, Nepal. She will receive $5,000, as well as one year of weekly one-on-one mentorship with a Toptal senior developer, to support her goal of having a successful career as a professional software developer.
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October 20, 2015
Toptal Launches Scholarships For Female Developers
作为其致力于组建最强大的核心工程团队和工程人才网络的一部分, Toptal欢迎世界各地任何教育水平的女性申请明年的12个奖学金之一. Winners will receive a $5,000 scholarship and weekly one-on-one technical training and mentorship from a Toptal senior software engineer to help them pursue their goals as future professional software engineers.
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October 06, 2015
Announcing Toptal Designers
Toptal, the world’s leading provider of senior freelance software engineering talent, 今天宣布专家设计师加入其独家的全球自由职业者社区. Responding to client demand, Toptal将为客户提供必要的数字设计人才,使他们的项目成为现实.
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August 03, 2015
Toptal Donates $1 Million of In-Kind Tutoring and $100K In Scholarships to General Assembly’s Opportunity Fund to Improve Opportunities for Disadvantaged Groups in Technology; Creates Toptal Global Mentors Program
来自Toptal精英软件开发网络的志愿者将远程指导大会学生和校友, Addressing Both Lack of Diversity and Gap in Software Talent in the Tech Industry
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July 19, 2015
Toptal Offers Its Elite Programming Talent At Reduced Cost To Startup Entrepreneurs
Toptal, the world’s leading provider of elite freelance software development talent, today announced that it is offering a 20% discount to startup companies that have received seed funding from startup accelerators Y Combinator, Techstars, and 500 Startups.
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May 11, 2015
Company is on an $80M+ Revenue Run Rate by Fixing a Broken Talent Marketplace Model with a Service that Pre-screens and Custom Matches Proven Engineers to a Client’s Team and Project.
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